Picking the Right Motorcycle

Even with the vast array of motorcycles available, selecting the right motorcycle need not be a mind-numbing task. Just ask yourself these questions:

Will the motorcycle do what I expect of it?
What type of riding do I want to do?
Does the motorcycle fit?
Do I feel comfortable with it?
Can I afford it?

The most important thing for you to do is find a motorcycle dealer who will take time to help you find answers to your questions. If a dealer will not spend time with you now, ask yourself how much time they'll spend with you after your purchase. Then consider these points:

Your size:
It's difficult to control a machine at low speeds that are too high or too heavy for you. Can you stand over the saddle and touch the ground with both feet? Can you put both feet on the ground when you sit on the seat? If you can't the machine is too big for you to handle safely.

Your strength:
There will be times when you will have to physically move your motorcycle in and out of tight places. The motorcycle should be light enough for you to push it, place it on its center stand, and park it with ease. Can you push the motorcycle in a figure-8 and back it up without losing your balance or over exertion?

Your experience:
Riding any motorcycle requires skill and experience. Generally, the larger the engine, the greater the need for skill and the ability to ride safely.

Setting up the motorcycle:
You must make sure your motorcycle fits your specific physic. Adjust the hand and foot controls so that you can reach and operate them quickly and safely. Adjust the handlebars so that your hands naturally hold the handgrips. Adjust the clutch and brake levers so that they lie just below your extended fingers. Adjust the shifter and brake pedal so that they rest evenly with your boot soles when your feet are on the pegs. Fine tuning your motorcycle's fit will increase your comfort and control. Each make and model of a motorcycle have slightly different features and design characteristics too numerous to detail here. It will be worthwhile for you to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the various makes, sizes, and kinds of motorcycles on the market.