Motorcycle Protective Gear

Selecting Protective Riding Gear:

Riding gear has two basic purposes: comfort and protection. Uncomfortable riding gear can distract you from riding. High-quality riding gear will help you stay comfortable in all kinds of riding conditions. In the event of an accident or spill, proper riding gear will prevent or reduce injuries. Here is a summary of some of the essential gear needed for comfort and protection.

What You Should Know About Helmets:

Helmets do work. Let's look at what a helmet really does for you.

  • First... it is the best protective gear you can wear while riding a motorcycle. Think of it at the same time you think of your ignition key. You pick up the key, you pick up the helmet. They go together.
  • Second... a good helmet makes riding a motorcycle more comfortable and therefore more fun. It cuts down on wind noise roaring in your ears, on windblast on your face and eyes. And it deflects bugs and other objects that fly through the air. It helps you cope with changing weather conditions and reduces rider fatigue.
  • And... wearing a helmet, no matter what the law says, is a reflection of your attitude toward riding. That attitude is plain to see by other riders and non-riders alike. To ride a motorcycle means avoiding foolish risks.


The way to find a well-made, reliable helmet is to look for the DOT or SNELL sticker inside or outside the helmet. The sticker means the helmet lives up to the safety test standards of these agencies: US Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the Snell Memorial Foundation.


Riders wearing goggles receive eye protection. But they are not protected from possible injury to other areas of the face. Face shields or full-face helmets provide better protection for the entire face.


Over-the-ankle leather boots protect riders from a variety of riding hazards. They protect ankles from stones that fly up from the roadway. They also prevent burns from hot exhaust pipes. Rubber-soled boots with heels will give you a strong grip on the pavement and help you keep your feet on the pegs.


Leather gloves protect hands from blisters and the wind, sun, and cold. If you should fall off your cycle, gloves will help prevent cuts and bruises to your hands. Gloves that fit snugly will improve your grip on the handlebars.


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