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  • "I've purchased and own several motorcycles in my life from several dealerships and I must say that the wonderful people that work and run Plano Kawasaki are absolutely fantastic!!!

    Dealers can say anything when your purchasing a bike but how do they treat you years after the sale, well that's what sets Plano Kawasaki apart from a lot of the other dealers. They're are always friendly and very helpful.

    So, if your in the market for a Kawasaki or Suzuki just try them out and you'll see what I'm talking about."

    Overall Rating:
    Rex Adams - Garland, TX
  • "The dealership is laid out well ,clean and organized.Jason did not nickel and dime me on my 2 motorcycles I traded in.Had a small issue with the bike a day after purchase and was taken care of no problem. Thank you Jack"

    Overall Rating:
    JACK DICKEY - Longview, TX
  • "Bought the bike from out of state and had it delivered. They followed through every step of the way. Very helpful staff and delivered a mint bike. Thank You"

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    Anonymous - Vancouver, WA
  • "Had an awesome purchasing experience! Bought a bike that I had wanted for a while, considering I owned a 1974 Z1 900. Jason and AJ were fantastic to deal with! This was the best new motorcycle purchasing experience. I did not have to "fight" for a good deal, Jason was upfront and transparent about the numbers. Jason helped me get a great deal! He was professional, personable, and always double checked on anything we discussed to ensure that the information he gave me was accurate. Based on my experience with the dealership I would highly recommend them!"

    Overall Rating:
    Andreas Gnerlich - Anna, TX
  • "I traveled from Corpus Christi Texas to meet Jason and AJ. They were the greatest. He meet me at the door, introduced himself. They rolled out the red carpet treatment for me. Before i knew It we felt like family. No funny stuff to the point. Great people I will travel again that far to treated that good again. Thank you Jason and AJ. Nice Clean place I wish you guys were in South Texas."

    Overall Rating:
    Ronny Allred - Corpus Christi, TX
  • "AJ and Jason were amazing! They answered every question I had, helped in every way they could too! They even stayed late to make sure I was getting what I wanted and passed on some great knowledge to me as well. I can honestly say I am now a life long customer to them!!!"

    Overall Rating:
    John Schoenberger
  • "I can't say enough good things about this dealership! What a pleasure for a change. From the moment I walked into the door, I was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm. I was there to buy a new H2 SX and every detail and expectation was met. There were no hidden fees and the deal was very fair and most importantly it was very honest. I stopped by the parts department as well and the person there was very friendly and very helpful! That is a change from other dealers that seem too busy to help and sometimes put off by actually having to work. AJ is such a great motorcycle enthusiast and even after over 20 years in the business, she is super excited about the product that she sells and has great knowledge of all the bikes! They have all my business! It's worth the two hour drive! Cheers! Dan"

    Overall Rating:
    Bill Slim
  • "I wish all large purchases were this smooth. I found a bike online and Jason reached out to me to answer any questions I may have. He was clear about the out the door costs up front and there were no surprises when signing the dotted line. I purchased my bike through Jason and being out of state the process could not have been any smoother. From beginning to end the communication was good and Jason delivered on every single thing he said that he would do. I would trust Jason and Plano Kawasaki|Suzuki in a heartbeat with my hard earned money and have no problem recommending them to anyone out there."

    Overall Rating:
    Larry Myers
  • "FANTASTIC services. Perfect quick fix for a show stopping problem on a Ducati. A real "can do" approach has meant we can continue our 6500 mile journey. Huge thanks to Jason Santos for all his help. Highly recommend this shop."

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