Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Loyalty Reward Program?

Every time you make a purchase at our dealership you will instantly receive Loyalty Rewards Points which can be used to purchase store Gift Certificates! Our Loyalty Rewards program is completely automated and does NOT require you to carry a Loyalty Card or fill out any application forms. Once you make a purchase at our dealership, you will instantly receive an e-mail informing you of all the points you earned and how to redeem those points for a store Gift Certificate.

How it works:

Simply make a purchase at the dealership and you will instantly receive an e-mail from the Loyalty system informing you how many points you earned and how to redeem those points for a store gift certificate. Your e-mail address must be on file with the dealership if you want to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program. You can make sure your e-mail address is on file by giving it to anyone at the dealership during a purchase or by calling the dealership today.

Every purchase you make the Loyalty System will automatically send you an e-mail letting you know your point balance and how to redeem those points for a store gift certificate.

To redeem your points, simply log in to your secure personal private loyalty portal which is accessible through the dealership website. Click on your point total and select the gift certificate you wish to purchase. You have the option to print the gift certificate or send it to your mobile device to redeem at the dealership cash register.

Our Loyalty Program also allows you to review your purchase history when you log into your personal private web portal. All purchases at the dealership will be displayed in your portal for review once the Loyalty System is enabled.

Mobility – our loyalty system works with smartphones like iPhone and Andriod. You can view your points, purchase Gift Certificates with your points and redeem Gift Certificates at the dealership all from your smartphone. No cards, coupons or paper required.

What if I do not want to be in the Loyalty Program?

Simply “Opt Out” when you receive your first Welcome e-mail or at any time you may log into your personal private web portal and select the option to “Disable” your Loyalty Rewards Account.

2. How do I check my oil?

The oil is always checked with the machine sitting level and straight up. If it has a dipstick, wipe the stick clean and drop it in the check hole. Do not screw it in to check the level. The oil should cover the flattened portion of the stick but should never exceed the upper-level mark. Always screw the stick in snugly when done. For machines with a sight glass instead of a stick, set the machine level and straight and look into the window, the level should be between the two marks in the window.

3. How often should I change my oil?

We recommend changing engine oil and filter every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Most owners' manuals give longer intervals but we feel that engine oil is inexpensive and engine parts are not. Change your oil regularly.

4. Can I use car oil in my motorcycle?

Yes, you can, but why would you? Understand what you have. A modern motorcycle is a very sophisticated machine. The oil is not only lubricating the lower and upper bearings as well as the valve train, which is similar to a car but we now also have the clutch and transmission to contend with. This takes a toll on oils. Motorcycles typically run hotter and turn higher rpm's than cars do. Yes, car oils do lubricate, but car oil manufacturers do not have to factor in the special needs that motorcycle engines require. The old saying "better safe than sorry" does apply. We don't care if you buy Kawasaki oil for your Suzuki, just use m/c oil. We have seen the difference!

5. Should I turn my gas off each time I stop?

It is not necessary to turn the fuel tap off at each stop. On units with vacuum petcocks, it is not necessary to turn off the fuel at all. All other machines should have the fuel turned off at the end of the day's ride.

6. How often should I run my bike?

You should start and ride any machine at least once every two weeks. The fuel in the carburetor starts to go bad after two weeks and can clog carb jets. If you cannot run your vehicle every two weeks, contact this dealership for proper storage recommendations.

7. Can I jump start my bike from a car?

Car batteries and charging systems have a much larger capacity than most motorcycles. There is a very real danger of serious damage to the electronics of your cycle if you jump it from a car. Also, if you jump start the machine and run it with a dead battery you will damage your charging system. If you must jump from a car, make sure that the car engine is not running. If your battery is low or dead the best thing to do is properly charge it.

8. What should I do during engine break in?

The two most important things to remember during the break-in period are: (1) vary your engine speed and (2) avoid over revving the engine. Varying engine speed helps spread the load over the bearing surfaces and decreases concentrated wear.

9. What mixture of oil to gas should I use in my 2-stroke motorcycle?

Most motorcycle tuners will suggest a 32-1 mixture. This does depend on the type of oil you use, assuming that you are using good quality oil, generally a synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricant. Keep in mind changing mixtures can vary the jetting so find what works and stick with it.

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